Advertising campaign “The sky is not the limit” for property developer Ziggurat.
Services provided
Developing the creative concept

Producing the shoot

Organising an event
To develop an advertising campaign for a new Moscow property developer Ziggurat. To make a memorable note which shows that Ziggurat doesn’t just build houses, but makes artistic statements in the real-estate market.
About the project
You have come a long way and were able to build your life up like you’ve always dreamed, but you got bored. You began to search for something of a different nature. Now you want to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Like Odysseus, you have gone on a long journey to find a space which can meet your needs.
We have developed a creative concept which reflects the values of Ziggurat and distinguishes it from its competitors by demonstrating that its every project is an artistic statement that pushes the boundaries each time.
There are no direct advertising messages in the video. The centre of the plot is an epitome of an antique character that embodies the brand. His every step is like art itself; similarly to the modern Odysseus, he conquers new heights, overcomes the obstacles and elevates above the routine.

We purposefully chose not to replicate mythological characters, but to search for inspiration in antique philosophy. Futuristic makeup and mixed textures allowed us to surround the antique plot with an aura of modernity.

Our visual ideas translate the uncompromising nature of the brand and highlights elegance and chivalry as its key values. We were able to demonstrate that every Ziggurat project is an architectural performance above all.

Film crew
Chief Producer — Anna Petrik
Executive producer — Dasha Shkolnikova
Junior producer — Nata Avakyan
Assistant producer — Vika Klepneva
Creator — Sasha Monik
Account manager — Azhay Kalyaeva
Director — Aksinya Gog
The event was a part of our advertising campaign for Ziggurat. It was the grand opening of Ziggurat’s flagship boutique which took took place in the heart of the Moscow — on Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street — on December 9th 2021.
There were speeches made by Ziggurat’s management followed by a musical concert. The event was conducted in partnership with the Museum of Russian Impressionism.

Ziggurat is an artist in the world of real-estate. Its new project, VERNISSAGE, is brilliant proof of that. A club house in the style of Art Deco, located in an affluent Moscow neighborhood — Zamoskvorechye, consists of 26 luxurious apartments. Residents have access to a 24-hour concierge service, restaurants, a cigar lounge, a spa complex and a gym.