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Zielinski & Rozen
Advertising campaign for Zielinksi & Rozen “Fiction” fragrance
Services provided

Creative concept development

Photo and video production

Multimedia content creation

To develop an advertising campaign which will connect an important city attraction, “Khudozhestvenniy” cinema and the new Zielinski & Rozen fragrance, “Fiction”. The video should translate sincere emotions, remind the viewer about old films, paperback books and timeless classics.

About the project

The video is set outside of the cinema. Its walls are like screens showing a sequence of different epochs replacing one another. The viewer sees the different sides of the city and its many inhabitants. The people on screen experience typical, yet precious moments, be it a pleasant meeting, a warm embrace or an unexpected touch.
In a world where things tend to change very quickly, it’s important to return to things that are timeless and reliable. The creative concept is almost like a memory thread with each visual idea being a bead placed on it. It was important for us to make a strong connection between the past and the present, classical cinematography and digital technology, vintage and contemporary trends. Just like the fragrance, the video focuses the viewer’s attention on the beauty of everyday life, not something artificially set up to look perfect. Something like an old photo shot on film or the sound of an old record player.
Fun facts
In order to accentuate the idea of precious memories a monocular film camera and a record player were used.

In one of the shots, the female protagonist places her powder container into a vintage bag from the 1940s.

Black and white was chosen purposefully to highlight that this ad is an allusion to classical cinema.
The visual language used in the video invites the viewer to travel back in time and reminisce about the simple pleasures of a going for a walk in the summer, listening to a vinyl or looking at a black and white film photo. These visual messages hint at the nostalgic and timeless vibe of the “Fiction” fragrance.