ANT Development
Victory Park Residences
Advertising campaign for a high-end residential complex
Services provided

Creative concept development

Photo and video production

Multimedia content creation

To create an advertising campaign for a high-end residential complex “Victory Park Residences”. To find solutions that will illuminate brand values and highlight the many opportunities available to future residents.
About the project
Moscow. A panorama view of the green trees in Park Pobedy. An oasis of calamity and peace is situated right here. It is a place which absorbed the beauty of the past, consequently giving birth to a new and exciting space.
Our goal for the campaign was to focus on non-materialistic values, such as family — something that everyone holds dear. We had a story in mind. A story of a big and supportive family that one day invites their relatives and friends to the most picturesque place in the city. The photographer for this project, Eugeniy Kuznetsov, was able to bring this story to life through the lens of his camera.
Exalter was able to demonstrate the depth of the brand’s idea through captivating emotional images and characters. It was our goal to highlight the advantages of the complex’s location and to highlight the opportunities that will be available to its future residents. We wanted to show a lifestyle that the people living in "Victory Park Residences" will be able to enjoy.