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Advertising campaign of a deluxe residential complex in Moscow
Services provided

Creative concept development

Photo and video production

Multimedia content creation

To create an advertising campaign for a unique niche product, high-end real estate. Our agency was tasked with finding a suitable narrative for the target audience to understand what the INSIGMA residential complex will be about.

About the project

You’re in the historical city centre of Moscow. The yards of what used to be aristocratic mansions are quiet as usual. In front of you is a house built on the foundation of a 19th century home of entrepreneurs and philanthropist, the Markov-Vogau family. It’s here that the past meets the present and sets the tone for the future.
We conducted an in-depth research of the brand platform that led us to a choice of a short film as the best visual instrument for the brand campaign. The protagonist of our video is a confident and independent woman, who reflects the zeitgeist. With the help of our talented director, Aksiniya Gog, we shot what turned out to be one of our signature works. What makes this ad stand out from the rest of real-estate ads is the atypical approach we took. An emphasis was made on cinematography, subtle tones, narrative and the protagonist herself. The film serves as a thread between epochs. Such a bold approach accentuates INSIGMA’S uniqueness and invites the viewer to dive into the project’s fascinating history.
Fun facts
Our protagonist is the epitome of a successful, influential woman. She was inspired by Sofia and Elsa Vogau, who were renowned for their involvement in charity, their support for writers and painters.

We shot the film in the historical building of the M.N.Ermolova's museum.

In the film, our protagonist signs a contract and buys a painting "The Red Sunset" by a famous Russian artist Arkhip Kuindzhi.
The Solution
Exalter created a visual representation of the resonant historical past and the unapologetic luxury of the present, embodied by INSIGMA’S residential complex. Our ad invites the viewer to imagine their life there, highlighting the modern day amenities and the thrilling spirit of the 19th century.