Poklonnaya 9
Advertising campaign #I’M HERE for the residential complex “Poklonnaya 9”
Services provided

Creative concept development

Communication strategy development

Photoshoot production

Multimedia content creation

To create an advertising campaign for a unique residential complex. Our visual language sells the luxurious lifestyle within the space and highlights their exceptionality.
About the project
True hedonists always strive to enjoy themselves in the present. It’s fundamental for them to know that life isn’t just about the trivial things. In order to escape the routine, they need a space that not only highlights their independence and high status, but also creates a sense of a never-ending party.
This is what we attempted to show in our campaign for the Poklonnaya 9 residential complex.

Our in-depth understanding of the current trends helped us to land at the concept of "the star within". We wanted to invite the viewer on an intimate, personalized tour into the residences, which will showcase the perks of living there.

The visual ideas coupled with the creative concept make the viewer want to take a mirror selfie and share it with the world. After all, did it really happen if you haven’t got a photo to prove it?

It’s a window into the lives of real stars, which attracts and inspires the viewer.
We were able to create a sense of freedom which the residents of Poklonnaya 9 share in common. The visual language invites the viewer to live the lifestyle of its residents and showcases their success. To forget about the routine and highlight their success and high status as part of the modern hedonist’s lifestyle.

Film Crew

Chief Producer — Anna Petrik
Executive producer — Dasha Shkolnikova
Junior producer — Natalya Avakyan
Assistant producer — Victoria Klepneva
Creator — Sasha Monik
Art director — Ivan Pichugin
Photographer — Andrey Boyakov
Stylist — Yulia Varavkina
Make up and hair — Tatiana Rosso