Advertising campaign for a business class residential area

Making up the creative concept

Direction of the filming process

Production of multimedia content

We were asked to create an advertising campaign for a mid-rise residential complex, where all the infrastructure necessary for life, study, and work is located within walking distance.


A human brings meaning to everything. In advertising campaigns, a product often comes to the fore, overshadowing the person. In the video, the character took a center position, because in Alia a person can finally be one’s true self. In the campaign, this idea is expressed in visual language and a meaningful slogan.
We wanted to create a double meaning in the campaign massage and make a product that would stand out from the well-known creatives in outdoor ADs.

We put aside the usual "from image to copyright" mechanics and created a concept in which the slogan became the starting point for visualization – a person is bigger than a house. The copyright defined the image. Thanks to this approach, we managed to highlight the main idea: exactly people who are the core of the house and fill it with meanings.
General Producers: Anna Petrik and Dasha Shkolnikova
Creative director: Sasha Monik
Producer: Nata Avakyan
Producer assistant: Klepneva Victoria
Account manager: Anna Khodyreva
Photographer: Kolobyanin Kirill
Art director: Pavel Suvorov
Stylist: Slonikova Anna