Advertising campaign for a premium class multifunctional complex

Making up the creative concept

Direction of the filming process

Production of multimedia content

The video was supposed to help the client to stand out among competitors in the premium segment and draw the attention to the project of a unique audience: modern entrepreneurs, creative industries, etc.


Residents of Residential Complex “Ahead” make up a united creative community, however, at the same time, each resident remains an individual with their own characters. These people are connected by the desire for constant movement and an open view of the future. We transformed this way of life from reality into artistic dance improvisation.
Before developing the video treatment, we analyzed the target audience and identified four key archetypes: The Outlaw, Hero, Explorer, and Sage. We figured out their habits and values, analyzed the lifestyle, behavior and converted it into an artistic way.

The four characters of the video convey the four main messages of the campaign that its residents do not live within limits. They always are ahead of rules, ahead of change, ahead of time, and ahead of harmony. Here the performance of the dancers is a choreographic embodiment of the narrative about life beyond conventions.

A thorough analysis of the protagonists made the campaign relevant to the target audience, and the metaphor of dance as a way of life helped the project to differentiate from the competitors.
CEO: Anna Petrik
General Producer: Dasha Shkolnikova
Creative director: Sasha Monik
Producer: Nata Avakyan
Producer assistant: Klepneva Victoria

Director: Zhenya Kazankina
Director of photography: Anatol Trofimov
Photographer: Yan Yugay